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Living for Help

Student accommodation is not always easy to find. You need to be creative when looking for an apartment. Wohnduo – Living for Help offers an alternative way of living that gets gradually more popular and that all parties involved benefit from.

Who can take part in the programme?

Persons offering accommodation
All persons who have a vacant room in their own home, need support in everyday life and who can imagine living together with a younger person under one roof.

Persons looking for accommodation
Students of RWTH Aachen or FH Aachen who want to live at low costs and who are willing to support the owner in daily life in return.

What kind of help will be required?

The student could

  • do household and gardening tasks
  • take care of children
  • accompany the children to school/childcare center
  • take care of pets
  • carry out small repairs and renovations
  • help with computer problems
  • run errands
  • accompany visits to the authorities
  • learn/pass on foreign languages
  • support in housekeeping
  • keep company
  • accompany to events.

Individual agreements can be made, excluded is home care of all Kinds.

What is stated in the rental agreement?

The rent calculation is based on a simple formula:

1 m² = 1 hour help per month
Example: For a room of 20 m² and 10 hours of help the student only pays half of the full rent excluding heating costs.  Utilities are not included.
Both parties to the contract stipulate the rules of their daily life together and sign an agreement.


Housing Office
Studierendenwerk Aachen
Astrid Kessel


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