Menu Mensa Eupener Straße KW45

KW45Monday 02.11.2020Tuesday 03.11.2020Wednesday 04.11.2020Thursday 05.11.2020Friday 06.11.2020
1,80 €

Potato creme soup
Smoked salmon (E,H) | Bread roll (A,G,A1,A3,A5)

"Fasolada" white bean stew with root vegetables and apple (B)
Pita bread (A,K,A1)

Bulgur stew
Chick peas, vegetables (3,A,A1) | Pita bread (A,K,A1)

Carrot stew (H)
Bacon (2,3) | Meatball (A,D,J,A1)

2,10 €

Rice noodle risotto with roasted vegetables and pumpkin seed (A,B,G,A1)

Whole-grain spaghetti (A,A1) Soy Bolognese (B,G)

Vegetable Köttbullar (D)
Lemon sauce (H)

Crispy sesame-carrot-stick (A,K,A1)
Sweet sour sauce (A,G,A1)

Carrot and lentils ragout

Suggestion of the day

2,60 €

Tomato sauce Oriental Style (spicy)

Chicken Schnitzel (A,A1)
Jalapeño cheese sauce (1,A,H,A1)

Fried sausage
Puszta sauce (3,5,9,L)

Chicken wings
BBQ-sauce (2,B,J)

Fish fingers (A,E,A1) with Sauce Tartar (3,A,B,D,J,A3)

1,50 €

Semolina pudding (A,G,A1)
Blueberries roasted almonds (I,I1)

Main side-dishFried potatoes chipsorVegetable rice (B)French FriesorWhole-grain spaghetti (A,A1)Parsley potatoesorVegetable tender wheat (A,B,A1)Potato ballsorCurry ricebaked potatoesorPenne rigate (A,A1)
secondaryCauliflowerVegetables Balkan styleKohlrabi (A,B,D,H,A1)CornMixed vegetables

All specifications apply to students, guests pay a surcharge of € 1.50 menu for the following dishes: stew/sweet dish, vegetarian, classic, suggestion of the day

Zusatzstoffe: (1) food colouring, (2) preservatives, (3) antioxidants, (5) sulphurized, (9) sweetener

Allergene: (A) cereals containing gluten, (B) celery, (D) eggs, (E) fish, (G) soybeans, (H) milk, (I) nuts, (J) mustard, (K) Sesamsamen, (L) sulfur dioxide or sulphites, (A1) wheat, (A3) barley, (A5) spelt, (I1) almond