Menu Mensa Jülich KW44

KW44Monday 26.10.2020Tuesday 27.10.2020Wednesday 28.10.2020Thursday 29.10.2020Friday 30.10.2020
1,80 €

2,10 €

Chick peas spinach curry
sweet potato cubes (2,3)

Cream sauce (G)

Big hash browns
Mushroom cream sauce (G)

Chili sin Carne (A,G,A1)
Herb rice

Greek vegetable casserole Briam (3,5,6,L)

Suggestion of the day

0,00 €

Chicken skewer (A,G,A1)

Pork schnitzel (A,D,A1)
mushroom sauce with bacon (2,3)

Penne rigate (A,A1) Bolognese (A,B,A1)
Italian cheese (H)

Turkey gyros (B,J)
Tzatziki (H)

Fish bake "Italiano" (A,E,H,A1)
Béchamel sauce (A,H,A1)

1,50 €

Main side-dishRosemary potatoes (2)orRice with peasFrench FriesorNoodle rice (A,A1)baked potatoesorPenne rigate (A,A1)French FriesorHerb riceMashed potatoes (H)orVegetable tender wheat (A,B,A1)
0,00 €

Vegetable stir-fry Shanghai
Mushrooms, broccoli, curry (A,G,A1) | Whole-grain rice

Spicy vegetables with ginger (A,G,A1)
Mie noodles (A,A1)

Thai Curry Massaman Style
Vegetables, peanuts (A,F,G,A1) | Curry rice

Vegetable stir-fry China Style (A,G,A1)
Rice & coriander

vegetable wok
Carrot ginger sauce (A,G,A1) | Basmati rice

0,00 €

Pork Shanghai
Mushrooms, broccoli | Soy-plum-sauce (A,G,A1) | Whole-grain rice

Spicy beef with ginger (A,G,A1)
Mie noodles (A,A1)

Thai Curry Massaman Style
Pork, vegetables, peanuts (A,F,G,A1) | Curry rice

Chinese stir-fry
Scampi, vegetables (A,C,G,A1) | Rice & coriander

Chicken wok
Carrot ginger sauce (A,G,A1) | Basmati rice

4,20 €

All specifications apply to students, guests pay a surcharge of € 1.50 menu for the following dishes: stew/sweet dish, vegetarian, classic, suggestion of the day

Zusatzstoffe: (2) preservatives, (3) antioxidants, (5) sulphurized, (6) blackened

Allergene: (A) cereals containing gluten, (B) celery, (C) crustaceans, (D) eggs, (E) fish, (F) peanuts, (G) soybeans, (H) milk, (J) mustard, (L) sulfur dioxide or sulphites, (A1) wheat