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2,00 €

Lentil stew (B)
Bread roll (3,A,A1,A3,A5) | Bacon (2,3) | Pork sausage (2,3,8,A,J,A1)

2,20 €

Hot Pumpkin vegetables
Lentils | Rocket | Tagliatelle (A,A1)

Carrot and lentils ragout

Florentine polenta slice (A,H,A1)
Tomato cream sauce (H)

Kale and hemp burger
Cream sauce (G)

veggie bolognese (B)Spaghetti (A,A1)

Suggestion of the day
6,50 €

Nuggets vegan (8,A,A1)

2,80 €

Pork- cabbagge roll (A,J,A1)
Caraway seed sauce with mustard (J)

Chicken Schnitzel (A,A1)
Sweet pepper sauce (H)

Pork strips with paprika cream sauce (H)

Chicken Cordon bleu
Turkey ham, cheese (2,8,A,D,H,A1) with poultry gravy

Fish bake with broccoli (A,E,H,A1)
Tomato cream sauce (H)

1,60 €

Sultanas & cream cheese | wild berry sauce (A,D,H,A1)

Main side-dishHerb potatoesorPenne rigate (A,A1)French FriesorHerb ricePotato wedges (A,A1)orWheat berries (A,A1)PotatoesorPenne rigate (A,A1)Parsley potatoesorSpaghetti (A,A1)
secondaryRomanescoorMixed saladVegetables Balkan styleorMixed saladBrussels sprouts | vegan veloute (G)orMixed saladKohlrabi (G)orMixed saladPeasorMixed salad
Pizza of the Day
3,70 €

3,70 €

Farfalloni (A,A1) Verdure
Vegetables, cheese (B,H) | Béchamel (A,B,H,A1,A3) | Tomato sauce

0,00 €

Wholegrain spaghetti (A,A1) Carciofo
Artichokes, olives (3,6) | Tomato cream sauce (H)

Maccheroni (A,A1) Classica
Spinach, Ital. cheese (H) | Béchamel (A,B,H,A1,A3)

0,00 €

Conchiglie (A,A1) Prosciutto
Serrano ham, cheese (2) | italian cheese (A,H,A1) | Pesto sauce (H)

Penne (A,A1) con Broccoli
chicken, broccoli (H) | Béchamel (9,A,B,H,A1,A3)

3,80 €

Spicy beef with ginger (G)
Mie noodles (A,A1)

Pork Woyishau
Apricots, plums (3,G,A.A1,A2) | Basmati rice

Poultry sweet-sour
Vegetables (G) | Basmati rice

Teriyaki salmon
Spring onions (2,A,E,G,A1) | Mie noodles (A,A1)

Red chicken curry with tomatoes and basilikum (G)

3,80 €

Spicy vegetables with ginger (G)
Soy cubes (G) | Mie noodles (A,A1)

Vegetable Wok Woyishau (3,G)
Soy cubes (G) | Basmati rice

Vegetables stir-fry sweet n sour (G)
Soy cubes (G) | Basmati rice

Asian vegetable stir-fry
Spring onions (2,A,G,A1) | Soy cubes (G) | Mie noodles (A,A1)

Red curry with tomatoes and basilikum (G)
Soy cubes (G) | Jasminreis


Zusatzstoffe: (2) preservatives, (3) antioxidants, (6) blackened, (8) phosphate, (9) sweetener

Allergene: (A) cereals containing gluten, (B) celery, (D) eggs, (E) fish, (G) soybeans, (H) milk, (J) mustard, (A1) wheat, (A2) rye, (A3) barley, (A5) spelt