Have a look at “KaWo 3“!

The first of four “KaWo 3“ buildings is nearly finished! In our photo gallery we show you what the new residence hall looks like.

Welcome to Studierendenwerk Aachen!

We support you during your studies: With a wide range of services Studierendenwerk Aachen creates the ideal conditions for studying in Aachen and Jülich.

Certified dining halls in Aachen!

The animal rights organization PETA has certified vegan-friendly dining halls: Mensa Academica and Mensa Vita of Studierendenwerk received two of three possible stars!

Child First Aid Training for parents

Our Family Center Pusteblume organizes a child first-aid training course on 21 January. There are still places for parents, pre-school teachers and others who are interested.

Become the Quiz Master!

Attention, quiz fans: In January, WDR 5 presents its show „Quiz Master“ in the Aachen dining hall Mensa Academica!

All about studying

RWTH and FH information days: StW will be there with an information desk and the FH dining hall offers lunch on a Saturday.



Further news

Mensa Bayernallee temporarily closed

Due to maintenance work commissioned by BLB (Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb) Mensa Bayernallee will be closed from Monday, 13 February to Monday, 6 March.

Attention, change of plans!

The maintenance work on the fat traps in two FH dining halls was postponed due to the weather conditions. The new appointments are as follows: Mensa Eupener Straße will be closed on Friday, 27 January and Mensa Goethestraße will be closed on Friday, 3 February, i.e. the dining halls will be open on 13 and 20 January!

Second-hand goods for children

The Childcare Center Königshügel organizes a flea market on 28 January. There are still free stalls – apply now!


ESStw Cafeteria closures in January

In January, the C.A.R.L. is going to be closed on two Wednesdays. This also affects our cafeteria.


Maintenance work in FH dining halls

In January, the fat traps in two dining halls are going to be maintained. As this cannot be done while the kitchens are in operation Mensa Eupener Straße will be closed on Friday, 13 January and Mensa Goethestraße will be closed on Friday, 20 January.  

Exciting trip to the Newspaper Museum

The Family Center Pusteblume offers a tour through the International Newspaper Museum for children aged over five.

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