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Paying for RWTH employee

RWTH employee use the guest card for RWTH employee. The card is to be received from the personnel office.

The following prices apply to non-students.

Just as using a BlueCard or FH Card, with a guest card for RWTH employee you can sign up for Autoload. With Autoload your card gets a cashless recharge at the checkouts of the Studierendenwerk Aachen dining facilities. You sign up by setting up a SEPA direct debit mandate at the service desks.
Remaining balances are refunded at the Infopoint, Mensa Vita (coffeebar), Mensa Bayernallee (coffeebar) and Mensa Jülich. We can refund your balance up to three years after the last use of the card (deadline 31 December xxxx).


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Answers to the most asked questions about cashless payment:

Where do I get the card ?

The card is available at the personnel office of RWTH.

Where can I charge my card ?

In all dining hall facilities are loading terminals to load the card. The card balance can be checked at the balance readers.


With how much money can I load my card ?

It is possible to load your card with max. €75. Please note that the terminals do not give change.

How do I get back my money ?

The balance can be refunded at the following facilities:

  • Mensa Academica, Infopoint
  • Caffé-Bar Vita
  • Caffé-Lounge Bayernallee
  • Mensa Jülich

We can refund your balance up to three years after the last use of the card (deadline 31 December xxxx).

Who can answer questions about the balance ?

If there are any problems or questions about the card balance, the Infopoint at Mensa Academica will help. Additionally, it is possible to write an email to

The accounting system allows us to check the balance if there are any differences. It is also possible to transfer the money from a lost or broken card to the new one at the Infopoint.