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Children eat for free with the "Kids Card"

More and more students decide to start a family before finishing their studies. However, being a student and being a parent is not always an easy combination: The next presentation must be prepared, exams have to be taken and childcare needs to be organized.

Not only time, but also money is precious to student parents. Since 2015 both can be saved with the new Kids Card: Students’ children eat for free.

Here we answer the most important questions about the Kids Card:

Who can order a Kids Card?

Students enrolled at RWTH Aachen, FH Aachen, Katholischen Hochschule and Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Department Aachen can receive a card. Children can use the Kids Card until they turn ten.

Where and how can the card be used?

A child accompanied by his or her student parent gets one free meal a day when the Kids Card is shown at the food counter. The card can be used in all nine dining halls and is only valid if the parent has a meal him-/herself.

Which meals are available as children‘s meals?

Children accompanied by their student parent get a free meal from the daily menu. The following categories can be ordered as children’s meals:

  • Stew:  €2.00 /  €1.60
  • Vegetarian dish: €2.20
  • Classic dish: €2.80

Eating is fun: The children’s meals are served on colourful plastic plates. In each dining hall special chairs for children are available.

Where and how do I order a Kids Card?

Students in Aachen submit the completed application form, a copy of the child’s birth certificate and their enrollment certificate to the Infopoint of Studierendenwerks, Pontwall 3.

Students in Jülich submit the documents needed to Mensa Jülich. The staff will pass them to the Infopoint.

The card can be picked up at the respective location.


How long is the Kids Card valid?

The card is valid for the current calendar year. You receive a new card by submitting your current enrollment certificate at the Infopoint each year in December.

What happens if I lose the card?

Please notify the loss of the card immediately. The issuance of a new Kids Card costs €5.

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