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Questions and Answers

You would like to apply for a room in one of our residence halls? You already live in one and have questions on the tenancy? Here we answer questions that are frequently asked by applicants and tenants.

I would like to study in Aachen or Jülich. How can I apply for a room?

You can apply online for a place in a Studierendenwerk residence hall here. You will then automatically be listed as applicant.

Can I apply although I have not yet reveived my certificate of admission from the university?

Yes, you can apply before the enrollment. Only when you sign the rental agreement we will ask you to submit your admission or enrollment certificate.

Is it easy to get a place in a residence hall?

It will be easier to get a room or apartment if you are flexible about the move-in date and the room type. At the semester beginnings  the demand for rooms is the highest. Therefore, we recommend you to apply early. Especially before the winter term it is advisable to already rent a room or apartment as of August/September. If you apply for the whole room offer the waiting period will be approximately six months. If you apply for certain room types (e.g. only apartment), the waiting period can be a year or more.

How do I apply as program student?

We provide a number of rooms especially for program students. The application form can be collected from the International Office/Academy of your university.

Who may live in a Studierendenwerk residence hall?

All students who are enrolled at the following universities may live in a Studierendenwerk residence hall:

  • RWTH Aachen
  • Fachhochschule Aachen
  • Fachhochschule Aachen, department Jülich
  • Katholische Hochschule Nordrhein-Westfalen, department Aachen
  • Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, department Aachen

The following persons cannot live in a Studierendenwerk residence hall:

  • Students who are also PhD students, assistants, trainees, trainee teachers, and the like,
  • Persons who work and only study on the side,
  • Persons who have already taken an exam that qualifies for a profession at another university (except for Master studies),
  • Cross-registered students and auditing students.

For renting a room on Mattschö-Moll-Weg you need a certificate of eligibility for a council flat (Wohnberechtigungsschein).

Can I look at a/my room/apartment before I move in?

As the rooms/apartments are generally occupied until the last day before a new resident moves in, showing you the apartment in advance is difficult. However, the hall placement committee might help you get in touch with the previous tenant. Maybe he or she will let you have a look at the room/apartment.

Which costs are included in the rent?

In general, our rents are all-inclusive, i.e. all utilities (for example costs for heating, water, electricity, TV) are included and additional payments will not have to be made.

In the following residence halls electricity is charged separately by a provider: Rooms in shared apartments, among others on Kastanienweg 21-35, Bärenstraße 5, Bärenstraße 19-21, Halifaxstraße 81-85/Ahornstraße 71-75, all shared apartments and family apartments, among others on Rütscher Straße 123-125.

Tenants on Mattschö-Moll-Weg receive the utilities bill separately.

Additional costs might arise from the installation of a telephone line and from internet use – the student committees take care of cheap internet access.

There is a fee for radio, TV etc.


Do I have to pay a desposit?

Yes, a deposit of two months’ rents is payable before signing the rental agreement. The deposit will be repaid without interest (according to § 551, Abs. 3 BGB).

Which types of rooms/apartments are offered?

There are many different types:

  • Single rooms (mostly with sink) with shared kitchen and shared bathroom
  • Single rooms with private shower and WC and shared kitchen
  • Single rooms in a shared apartment with kitchen and bathroom
  • Apartments with private kitchen (or kitchenette) and bathroom
  • Double apartments (two rooms) with kitchen (or kitchenette) and bathroom (for two persons/couples)
  • Two room apartments with private kitchen (or kitchenette) and bathroom (for one person)
  • Family apartments
Are the rooms/apartments furnished?

Most rooms/apartments are partly furnished, in general with wardrobe, desk, chair and shelf. You need to provide your own crockery, bed sheets etc. The rooms and apartments on Eckertweg 20, Heinrich-Mußmann-Str. 2-46 and all family apartments are not furnished.

Are there accessible apartments for students with disabilities?

Yes, in the residence halls on Mattschö-Moll-Weg, Kastanienweg 21-35, Hainbuchenstraße 4, 8, 10 and Heinrich-Mußmann-Straße 48-54 (Jülich). In general, we help students who submit their disability certificate – not all of them need especially accessible Apartments.

Are there apartments for students with children?

We provide family apartments for students with children on Rütscher Straße 123-125 and on Mattschö-Moll-Weg.

Where do I receive my keys before moving in?

The keys will be handed to you by the hall caretaker during office hours on the first workday of the month at the earliest (not on Saturdays). In the letter that comes with the details regarding your rental agreement you will see the name of your hall janitor, his office hours and all further details.

Key service

Lost or forgot your key? During the normal service hours of your janitor you should contact him. After the service hours of your janitor, you can contact the responsible company openSecure +49 241 5157880.

Rates Aachen:

Depending on the type of door opening, the service costs approx. 150 Euros, plus any material costs. The door opening includes costs of arrival. Should an order be cancelled, the company openSecure will charge the trip.

Important: Billing by the company openSecure will be done on site.

This does not apply to the new residence halls Hainbuchenstraße 4,8,10 and Kastanienweg 8-14. The residents have to call the following number if their janitor is not available: +49 241 80-93170. They pay the rates of the company Rennert.

Rates Jülich:

Depending on the type of door opening, the service costs between approx. 110 and 180 Euros, plus any material costs. The door opening includes the costs of arrival. If an order is cancelled, the company Rennert will charge the trip.

This regulation does not apply to the new residence Solar-Campus II. The residents have to call the following number if their janitor is not available: +49 241 80-93170. They pay the rates of the company Rennert.


Are there parking spaces at the residence halls?

At most residence halls there are enough parking spaces that belong to the halls. Further details are indicated in the hall details.

Where else can students look for accommodation?

Low-priced accommodation for students in Aachen is not always easy to find. The project WohnDuo run by Studierendenwerk could help you find an apartment.

In cooperation of the City of Aachen, the universities, the student councils and Studierendenwerk Aachen, the housing platform Extraraum was initiated. The student councils and the university also offer general help regarding apartment hunting.

What is stated in the rental agreement and the placement regulations?

You can find the rental agreement, its attachments and the placement regulations below:

Rental agreement
Attachment A 
Attachment B
Placement regulations

I want to terminate the tenancy agreement. What do I need to do?

Please submit the written termination notice to the Housing Office. You can use the notice form.

What is the period of notice?

The period of notice is two months to the end of the month. Tenants who rent their room/apartment via a program cannot terminate the rental agreement.

May I sublet my room/apartment?

If you want to sublet your room/apartment you need an authorization from the Housing Office. The main tenant must have lived in the room/apartment for at least three months and can, on request, sublet it to a student for a period of three months at the most. Details can be found in the subtenancy regulations (attached to the application for subtenancy).

Are there any house rules for the residence halls?

The house rules are handed to you together with the rental agreement. All residents must abide by it.

Can I do laundry in the residence hall?

All residence halls are equipped with washing machines and tumble dryers that can be used for a fee.

Are there student committees in the residence halls?

Yes, each residence hall has a hall administration consisting of residents. They actively administer the social life in the hall. The nominated hall representative represents the residents to Studierendenwerk. Studierendenwerk provides common rooms in the residence halls where the residents can socialize and get together. The students have formed many committees that organize the community life. For example:

  • The Placement Committee taking care of the placement of new residents together with Studierendenwerk
  • The Network Committee providing internet access for the residents, and other services such as WI-FI or hall printers
  • The Drinks Committee selling beverages to the residents
  • The Living room Committee taking care of the common “living room”
  • The Table tennis Committee
  • The Parcel Committee taking care of residents’ parcel deliveries
  • Different committees that lend tools, board games and more

On the websites of the individual residence halls you can read more about the hall life and amenities.

The hall council is made up of the representatives of the Studierendenwerk residence halls. It coordinates requests and matters of all residence halls and acts as intermediary between the tenants and the landlord.